One week gluten free and loving the food.


Tomorrow it’s one week exactly since I went gluten free.
As I’ve said in previous posts I decided to try this because I noticed that my IBS was so much worse whenever I ate pasta , or bread.
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any nice food anymore a lot of people think that gluten free means bland but I have been really pleasantly surprised.
As well as finding lots of nice things to eat I’ve been feeling a lot better.
I’ve had no tummy troubles this week , no migraines ( which I usually suffer from a few times a week ) and I’ve felt much less bloated and tired.
So what have I been eating ?
I’ve made myself pizza using warburtons gluten free wraps as a base


I’ve been eating gluten free pasta with homemade tomato and vegetable sauce

And used the leftovers to make a pasta bake


The waitrose gluten free pasta is very good.

I’ve had lovely cheese sandwiches using the gluten free bread from the tesco free from … Range , the sainsburys own label gf bread is also very good


And I tried the rice mac and cheese from Amys kitchen which I really enjoyed


Today for my dinner I had toasted sandwiches , one with cheese and beans , the other with cheese and tomatoes using gf bread , they were delicious in fact, that I even ate them so quick I forgot to take a photo.

I’ve found lovely biscuits and cakes , ginger biscuits and double chocolate chip cookies from tesco are my current favourites and warburtons gluten free muffins are amazing


This week im going to try a stir fry using Amoy gluten free noodles and pancakes using Mrs Crimbles batter mix. As well as some gluten free crumpets , and pitta breads which I shall fill with salad.



There is so much gluten free food available and apart from some creme caramels from tesco and also tescos ‘ special flakes’ cereal I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried.

Another good thing is that because I’ve been thinking much more about what I eat I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables.

Here’s to another week of finding and tasting new food.


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  1. Oh I’ve been contemplating going gluten free because of IBS and fibro but wasn’t sure but thanks to your post I am definitely going to try it 🙂

  2. My 7 year old is gluten free and lactose free (including cheese). That pizza would have her in the bathroom all night. We still eat pizza but we have to make it ourselves like you did. The ingredients cost about 25$ for just the two of us.

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