Mr Peabody and Sherman


Today we went to the cinema to watch mr Peabody and Sherman. Myself , the 14,12 and 9 year olds.
Mr Peabody is a genius who adopted Sherman when he found him abandoned as a baby. Mr Peabody also happens to be a dog.
After an incident on Sherman’s first day of school Mr Peabodys care of Sherman is questioned.
On the evening of a dinner to make amends with Penny – the girl Sherman bit at school- and to prove that Mr Peabody can care for Sherman, things go wrong when penny and Sherman take a ride in the ‘ way back’ Mr Peabodys time machine.
I loved seeing some history in the movie , we saw Marie Antoinette and the start of the French Revolution , Leonardo da Vinci and even Mona Lisa in Renaissance Italy and we also saw the start of the Trojan war and ancient Egypt where penny and Sherman meet a young king Tut. There were even appearances by Einstein , George Washington , Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln and Spartacus.
We all really enjoyed the movie. It was very funny , the storyline was brilliant and kept moving .
Visually it was excellent and we loved the bits where Mr Peabody calculates things in his head and it shows his calculations on screen.
I give this movie a very big thumbs up for action and laughs and some very sweet moments too. 👍👍👍


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