An apology of sorts


Twitter , blog readers , ladies and gentlemen , your majesty …. Or perhaps just that one reader in the corner * hi*

I wanted to / felt I should make a little apology.
Recently my blog which until now has been mostly ( but not solely ) about Ollie and his autism and CAMHS and all that has been a bit different lately. well that fact is there’s been a lull in any happenings although this is the calm Before the school , trust me a storm is brewing. so I’ve been blogging about gluten free.
Why ? I hear you ask. Why are you bleating on about it ? Well as I said after my IBS being so bad for so long that I was ending up in bed just moments after dinner , with hot sweats diorreah vomiting , migraines , tummy cramps , bloAting , extreme fatigue I have decided to trial a week of gluten free , with a view to going long term gluten free if it helps. And so far I believe it does.
If you’re reading my posts lately and thinking ah man she’s blabbering on about what she’s eating again , I’m doing it because it might help somebody else. My posts may ring alarm bells for other people ,they may realise they need to look at their diet. And they may be inspired to do something that can improve their health .
So for now the gluten free posts , Instagram pics and tweets are here to stay.
If one person reevaluates their diet because of something I posted or if someone discovers a gluten free product they hadn’t tried before in my reviews it’s all good. seriously It’s Important. to spread the word about good biscuits , and cake , especially cake.

So if you see my posts and aren’t interested , move on , don’t give a shit …. We , the gluten free ,don’t need you to , we have enough of our own ( bad taste joke I know ) (IBS, if you don’t get my stupid joke , gah )
* large amounts of tumbleweed roll past *
and we are trying to do something about that.Hence the gluten free. This is just a detour , business as usual soon , *may
* will still contain gf content.


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  1. Glad it seems to be working for you.

    Don’t worry about what others think. Those that think negative aren’t worth bothering about.

    I think it’s great that you are blogging about the gluten free items. Like you say, it might just help someone else.


  2. this is ringing bells, Grethe. My niece is so sick at the moment, the doctors can’t find anything wrong. I’m wondering now…

  3. You blog about whatever you want – its your blog. I follow because I enjoy reading it. I don’t do gluten free, but at the same time I have the choice not to read. As it is, I still read as I’m always interested in new products and recipes etc. if anyone doesn’t like it they can always stop following! Xxx

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