Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry muffin: review


Cake is without doubt one of life’s joys.
A life without cake ? No thanks.

Which is why I was so pleased to find these raspberry and white chocolate muffins.


They are made by warburtons and just because they are gluten and wheat free it doesn’t mean they are taste free. They were soft , not at all dry or chewy , in fact the perfect consistency for a muffin.


There was plenty of raspberry and white chocolate , they were definitely big on flavour , I ate one to myself and I was going to let Ollie have one for a second opinion but I took a big bite as I passed it to him so he only got just over half. ( sorry Ollie )
Ollie said it was very tasty and he wanted more.
I would buy these again , very soon and I’m going to try the lemon and poppyseed flavour next.
They get a thumbs up and a rating of 9/10 ( I probably would have said 10 if they were just a little bigger , but that’s just my appetite talking)


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