Tesco free from ….. Gluten free white bread :review


So , gluten free bread , I’d only ever heard bad things about it before.
Tasteless. Dry. Cardboard.
I was dubious about trying it.
I ordered a loaf of genius bread because when I asked about it on twitter that was the one most recommended , however when my shopping order arrived the genius bread had been unavailable and so I was given a white sliced bread from the tesco free from …. Range.
Not excited to try it I thought I’d get it over with , buttered a slice and took a bite.
First of all I have to tell you it was soft and springy , with a lovely brown crust.
A little smaller than an average slice of bread but that’s not a huge issue.
It tasted , well , lovely. I think that in a blind test it would be extremely difficult to pick this bread out as gluten free.
It wasn’t atall dry , it had plenty of taste and a lovely texture.
The crust was tasty and firm but not tough.
The 18 and 14 year olds also tasted it for me , 14 year old said it was just the same as normal bread , 18 year old said it was really nice and the crust was nicer than the crust on our usual hovis loaf.
It was in fact so nice that I took some with me to my mums this afternoon as she always gives us rolls with lashings of lurpak and delicious slices of Edam.
While the kids ate the rolls my mum served up I made my own sandwiches with my gluten free bread and mums lurpak and cheese.


I’m Keen to try some other gluten free breads out of curiosity but I’m certain that tescos free from …white bread will be on my weekly shopping list.

I give this bread two thumbs up 👍👍
And I have to rate it at 10/10.



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  1. I am so happy for you that trying the gluten free range is working so well, if you find a bread you like it’s half the battle. I certainly don’t think you’ll have any issue with the pasta – but cook it for less time than wheat pasta or it will fall apart!

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