Going gluten free , the important stuff … Cakes and biscuits


Today is day one of going gluten free.
I’m going to do it for a week , if it makes a difference I will carry on.
I ordered my first lot of gluten free foods.
Obviously I went for the important stuff , chocolate chip cookies , ginger biscuits , cheese crackers , raspberry and chocolate muffins , creme caramel. I also bought bread , wraps , pasta , and special flakes ( cereal) .
I’m really excited to try everything.
I shall report back on how nice ( hopefully ) everything is .
I will give each thing up thumbs up or a thumbs down.

I think I should start on the biscuits * opens packet , eats them all *
Greedy ? No , it’s research !



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  1. My wee boy adores those ginger cookies! He is wheat and dairy free, not gluten, but a lot of the things are the same. Hope you find it makes a big difference to your health xx

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