Gluten free chocolate chip cookies : review



I love biscuits ! And I did worry that Going gluten free meant I’d never again be able to buy a really nice biscuit.
( I know I could bake my own but in not really one for baking , I do intend to start trying out some recipes one day , but that day is not today )
I bought these double chocolate chip cookies from the tesco , free from range.
They were a nice size and lovely and thick. Just the right amount of crunch , without being too hard. And There were just the right amount of chocolate chips !They were not at all bland or cardboardy as I was worried they might be , in fact they were a really good biscuit.
In the interests of getting more than one opinion I let the 15 and 18 year olds try them ,this was painful for me , I generally dont share biscuits.
15 year old said they were nice and you couldn’t tell they were gluten free.
18 year old said they were better than a normal cookie.
The cookies come in a pack of 8 , for ยฃ1:35. ( 95 calories per cookie)
I will be buying these again , and again.

I give these a big thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘ and I’d rate them 8/10 !

(I would have rated them a 9 but they are the first gluten free biscuits I’ve eaten … And there will be many more … So I had to leave scope incase something even better comes along )



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