Gluten and wheat free wraps : review


It’s day 1 of me going gluten free and it would be foolish of me to declare that it’s made a difference already. But what I will say is that after a long long time of being very very poorly ( diorreah, sickness , tummy cramps , bloating, headaches hot sweats and extreme tiredness ) within 20 minutes of every meal today I made myself a meal that I often eat , but using a gluten free alternative and an hour and a half after eating my dinner I’m feeling ok , not wonderful , I won’t be dancing around the room tonight but I’m certainly not poorly.
I made myself a pizzap pizza on a wrap . I used warburtons gluten and wheat free wraps


I spread a little barbeque sauce on the wrap , topped it with cheese , red and green peppers , onion , garlic and tomato.
Who says you can’t eat pizza if you are gluten free , and what’s better than making your pizza exactly as you want it.


I popped it in the oven for a few minutes and hey presto … Gluten free custom made pizzap !
The wrap was tasty , not atall bland ,and soft , it wasn’t too thin as some wraps are , it was a very good wrap and made a very good base.

Would I buy these again ? Yes.
They get a thumbs up from me and I’d rate them at 10/10

Today I’ve also eaten gluten free white bread from the tesco free from … Range which I will be blogging about and double chocolate chip cookies which I blogged about here

So far , so good 😃


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