Coming round to the idea


Every day this week Ollie and I have been going on practice walks with our Frp worker to the nearby primary school that We have applied for to prepare him in case he gets a place and also to get him out of the house each day as he really just wants to sit around in his onesie all the time.
The walks haven’t been going that well mostly because Ollie doesn’t see the point in it before we get a letter telling is if he has a place.
(I actually agree with Ollie on this)
Today though it was pouring with rain when it was time to go so ‘B’ suggested we go in her car and drive around the 3 local school that I put on the application form.
I didn’t think this would go well as Ollie has been adamant that he WILL ONLY GO TO THE ONE ON OUR ROAD.
But Ollie was actually quite interested to go.
First we stopped outside his school of choice and looked at the size of it , the playground and the building then we went to the next one which is not much further. Although I’ve lived by this school forever I’ve never actually had a look at it. The building itself was lovely. It must have had some work done because it looked quite new and the playground was massive. A lot of the outside area was grassy unlike the first school which has no grass at all.
I had a look at the website when we got home and it actually looks like a very good school. My biggest doubt about it is that it’s a catholic school and I’m not sure how they teach science.
We then went to the third school , the one I put last on the form it’s the furthest away , a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride. Again I’ve walked past it many times but never really looked at it. It’s quite new. It has huge grounds , mostly grassy. And online I saw that it’s a one form entry school with one 211 on roll and it has a special SEN classroom only accessible to pupils with statements.
I was actually very impressed. I only put these two schools on the form to fill in the spaces but now I’m not sure if I even want ollie to get our first preference. ( I really need to speak to B about this ) and most surprisingly Ollie was really interested he even looked at the schools websites online with me.
I was pretty much against the idea of him going back to school but after today I’m starting to think it might be ok. If only that letter would hurry up , and I’m hoping that if he gets the one listed as our first preference we can maybe change our minds.
I know for a fact that all 3 have spaces in Ollie’s year.
Please say a little prayer that we get a letter soon so we can think about moving forward.


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