Going gluten free


I was diagnosed with IBS a year ago , after a billion blood tests an endoscopy and trying lots of different medications , for two years I was so poorly I was basically living on diet coke and tea , I now take medication every day and I have periods of time where I’m quite well. My IBS and psoriatic arthritis seem to go hand in hand they both flare at the same time so hopefully if I can make some changes to help one the other may also ease a little.
I hadn’t been able to pinpoint many specific foods that make me poorly but recently I’ve found that I definitely can’t tolerate pasta or bread. My favourite things are pasta , pizza, bagels , wraps …all the things that make me poorly.
After I eat any of them I get poorly extremely quickly and usually end up in bed.
I’ve never thought seriously about going gluten free before but I think it seems quite obvious that it might be the way to go. And I can’t see any harm in trying it.
I’ve just started doing my food shopping with waitrose so I had a look at the website today and they do a really big range of gluten free foods.
From tomorrow I’m going gluten free.
I will blog about how it goes. If it makes a difference to my health .And I will also blog about all the different gluten free things I try.
I don’t think I’ve ever even eaten gluten free bread before so it will all be new to me.
The only thing I can’t stop using is quorn because I don’t eat meat and I haven’t found anything else to use in its place , although I’ve checked online and many of the quorn products I use don’t contain any gluten.
My first gluten free meal will be tomorrow when I have chilli in wraps , I’m going to replace the wraps I usually use with gluten free wraps.
I would really any gluten free meal ideas and recipes that anybody has.
Here’s hoping that going gluten free works for me and I can start feeling well again.


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  1. I HAVE to mention to you Genius Gluten Free as a company. Their breads are simple the BEST gluten free breads around. No gluten free bread is cheap, but its the ONLY one I have found that makes sandwich quality soft bread anything like the real thing. And I am absolutely hooked on their fruit bread for a toasted treat!

  2. Good luck! On my blog I have quite a lot of yummy food that’s gluten free. Get in touch If you want to make something yourself and/or need and advice.

  3. I totally agree about genius for bread. I don’t recommend buying sauces thoough as you’ll be better off making them yourself. Dove farm for flour is go too 🙂

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