Not going out …


Getting Ollie out of the house is not easy. In fact it’s a complete nightmare. He needs at least two days notice that he will be going out and even then he will refuse to get dressed and there will be tears and lots of shouting.
He hadn’t been out this week except for a couple of very short walks to the school we’ve applied for.
I told him on Saturday that we would be going out today , me , him and the 18 year old ( also with ASD ) and that we would be meeting my mum in town to go for a McDonald’s.
I reminded both of the boys every day and this morning I gave them lots of time to get dressed.
Five minutes before we had to leave Ollie still wasn’t dressed , he was crying and was so angry that he said if he had a phone he would phone child line because I’m so mean for taking him out.
Somehow we managed to leave the house , the bus ride was frosty to say the least and when we got off the bus Ollie shouted at a lady who was walking slowly in front of us.
By the time we had met my mum and got to McDonald’s he had cheered up a little and decided he didn’t want a happy meal because he’s not a baby !
He usually struggles to finish a happy meal but today he had two cheeseburgers and chips and gobbled up the lot.
He ended up really pleased that he had gone out !
There was a small setback when we had to pop into sainsburys because Ollie doesn’t do shops , but the crisis was averted when I bought the big pack of toilet rolls that Ollie had spotted on special offer. He was very pleased with himself for spotting a good offer so we finished our trip out with smiley faces and lots of loo rolls.

I don’t think he will be calling child line just yet.


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