Why I won’t find out what my Tourette’s name is.


It’s possible that I’m about to be entirely over reacting in this blog post , I’m not well and I’m tired and feeling a bit off but something has really annoyed me today.
I don’t generally get ‘ outraged’ I don’t have the time or the energy to be continually outraged …. But on Facebook this evening I saw one of them posts that everyone shares and everyone finds hilarious , you know the type , find your elf name , find your porn star name , this one is find your tourrettes name.
And I don’t find it even one little bit funny.
My 18 year old has Tourette’s and my 9 year old has been diagnosed with tics. They are becoming more frequent and there are more and more of them , so he will most likely be diagnosed with Tourette’s .
My 18 year old mostly has very frequent motor tics which are very sudden large jerky movements involving his neck , shoulders , back , arms , hands and legs , often all at once.
They are usually painful and they are very frustrating for him.
They also add to his anxiety.
My 9 year old has a growing number of tics , at present mostly vocal.
Although the motor tics are getting more frequent.
He shouts out noises , words and phrases , they often come out in a sing-song voice.
He can’t stop them and doesn’t know what he will say until it comes out of his mouth.
At the moment he’s most frequent ones are ” what-you-say-that-to Me-for ” and “MERRY CHRISTMOOOOSE ”
He also has a spitting tic.
He’s spits , involuntarily , constantly through the day.
He has to have a bowl and a towel with him to catch his spit , I’m forever cleaning up spit. It makes him thirsty and frustrates him very much.
His tics also add to his anxiety as in school he was often told off for shouting out and other kids would copy him.
Tourette’s isn’t about shouting out funny words , random swear words , it’s relentless , uncomfortable , frustrating , tiring , often painful and cause a great deal of anxiety .
So excuse me if I don’t like or share the ‘ find your Tourette’s name ” posts
And I won’t be finding out what my Tourette’s name is because things like this contribute to the misconceptions about Tourette’s and it’s really not a joke


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  1. I completely agree! I wish people would stop and think before doing something that hurtful. What’s next, Find your Autism or Downs syndrome name? All to often people make excuses for those things. But there is no excuse! If you said something like, that person writes funny, the same people would get ticked off at you! But they shouldn’t create or speak anything that hurtful to begin with. It’s not funny.

  2. Oh those silly name things on Facebook are irritating at best.

    This one sounds particularly….well..silly and anything that promotes misconceptions gets a big dislike from me as you know.

    I don’t get it, its not even vaguely funny at all.

  3. oh that’s awful. I mean, pirate etc names are kind of fun and non-offensive, but this is just mean. I get where you’re coming from, and you’re best off staying away from it – I certainly will. There’s too much nonsense on FB like that.

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