Birthday cake challenge.


Since I been on twitter I’ve become more and more jealous as I see the beautiful cakes people make for their children’s birthdays.
I am in awe of them.
It was the minecraft cake that @pols80 just made for her sons birthday that really inspired me.
I have seven kids from 20 to 9 years old. I’ve never made a birthday cake. Or any cake. I’ve made banana bread once though.
I want to be a mum who makes cakes. I want to make all the birthday cakes this year.
This is where the problem comes in ….
•I can’t bake , I fear baking so how do I bake a cake.
•how the hell do you know how to decorate them
•how do you physically decorate them.
• I own a mixing bowl ,a wooden spoon and a silicone square baking tray thing. That’s all. Also a slikkepot , which I think is a spatula in English but in Norway it’s a ” pot licker ”

I need your help.
• what do I need (equipment )
• how do I make a cake
• how do I decorate
• how do I get inspiration
•am I completely mad thinking I can do this.

These are the kids ages ( which they will be this year) and interests
21 boy (man , but still my boy) science maths physics computers
19 boy computers technology eminen
17 boy Xbox plumbing
16 girl football , Chelsea football team ,
15 girl take that , anything to do with take that.
13 girl. Girly things , make up , dresses , fashion , one direction , sparkly things.
9 boy minecraft , Xbox

Inspire me please , teach me , help me

I told the kids I was making cakes this year and they were , quote ” afraid , very afraid ”

I want to be the mum that makes birthday cakes.
Help me please.


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  1. I like your determination! You do need your mixing bowl and spoon and baking tray. You may need a couple of round baking pans. The reason you’d need two is so that you can bake two cakes and stack them on top of each other. Find a simple layer cake recipe, like this one perhaps – – and follow the instructions carefully. If something doesn’t make sense, try to research it online… there’s tons of info on the internet. You’ll need to make icing too, which you’ll spread with a knife between the two cakes so that the top one doesn’t fall off… and to spread over the cakes to make them look pretty. Find pictures online too, there’s loads of them. Even how-to videos! Here’s a link to a recipe for icing – – and all you have to do to make it colorful is add some food coloring, which can be easily attained at the grocery store. And to decorate, you can take a plastic storage bag, cut a tiny hole in the corner of it and fill it with the icing, then squeeze it out… it’ll come out of the little hole in a nice line, which you can write “happy birthday” with, kinda like if you were holding a pen and writing. Hey, I don’t know that any of this is helpful, but it’s all in the spirit of wanting to help… best wishes to you!!!

  2. I am literally about to dry run a cake for my son’s birthday (in April) today. Been a loooooooong time since I made a proper cake and I have never done it solo before. And I have to give it hard shell icing due to his sensory issues with food. I shall be blogging about it and what I do or don’t learn about the process. The best thing you can do is find a recipe you like (and is nice and clear to follow) and have a couple of matching cake tins in. If the recipe you like is not for your size tins don’t worry, there are converters around for that sort of thing. (Just used one myself). Watch YouTube videos on how to line your tins, even the process of making a cake. Sounds idiocy but seeing someone do it makes it click for me. And just, give it a go. With no expectations the first time. Just go for the cake first, with a simple buttercream icing on the top. Decorating can come later. But again, there are tonnes of great how to videos out there! Good luck!

  3. Good luck!
    We make our girls birthday cakes but we are no experts and sometimes the decorating has taken hours and lots of retries!

    I’d probably start off trying to make a simple Victoria sponge or some fairy cakes to see that you CAN bake and can be great 🙂

    In Sainsburys you can buy coloured icing which we use to decorate the cakes rather than make our own.

    Good luck. You will be able to do it 🙂

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