Sniff sniff here …. And sniff sniff there …


Ollie has a cold.
He has a very runny nose and he’s been sniffing non stop.
Perhaps a little too much.
This is what I’m worried about …..
Ollie hasn’t been spitting much since he got his cold.
A relief you may think.
But I wonder if the sniffing has kind of taken over from the spitting.
Is it a new tic ?
Will the spitting be back ?
I won’t miss the spitting !
But I reckon the sniffing will be just as frustrating and tiring as the spitting for Ollie.
This may all be speculation.
But I know that his word tics change.
A new word comes along and the old one is forgotten forever , sometimes just for a while.
I guess I won’t know until his cold is better.

But I’m kind of hoping the spitting tic has gone.
Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading.


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