He’s got a bee in his bonnet.


Ollie is really sensitive at the moment.
He can go from 0-streaming tears in a matter of seconds.
The main thing is he just can’t understand sarcasm or joking or when you are saying something in a particular tone of voice. He also finds ” sayings ” difficult.
We’ve had a couple of really big upsets this weekend.
Both my fault I’m afraid. I’m naturally quite sarcastic and I often believe I’m funnier than I am.
A couple of night ago he was being difficult about bedtime. He knows that I don’t really get angry with him but he was just refusing to go upstairs. So I * fake angrily * said ” right dude get your scrawny butt up them stairs”
He cried for almost an hour. Because I had been mean to him.
I explained. I apologised. He told me he didn’t know if he could trust me anymore and wasn’t sure if we could be friends.
I asked him ” couldn’t you tell I was joking by the way I said it ” but then I realised he can’t tell. Luckily after many tears and much anger he told me he can’t stay mad at me because he loves me too much.
In bed tonight ,Milo was playing under my bed , no doubt destroying the wrapping paper I’ve stashed for next Christmas. Ollie asked what would happen if the bed collapsed on Milo. Because I often think I’m funny , when I’m really not … I replied ” I don’t believe the bed would ever collapse but if it did I guess Milo might be a bit flat.” This did not go down well atall.
More tears. More telling me I’ve been mean. This time to Milo. I explained that It was a joke and if the bed ever did collapse I’d jump right up and rescue Milo. Even though I’m sure his super cat senses would have him running before there was time for it to collapse.
Later on tonight. Nearly midnight , Ollie was still awake. He’s struggling to settle lately and he’s annoyed that I won’t let him be nocturnal. I went down to get a drink and told his sister that Ollie has a bee in his bonnet over being nocturnal. I spent the next half hour explaining he doesn’t have a bonnet , there’s no bee in it and it’s just a saying. He also took some convincing that I wasn’t being mean to him.
I think I need to think much more before I speak , how I speak and reign in the sarcasm and * funniness *


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