Own brand food … Kids are not impressed.


I’ve recently been buying more and more tesco own brand food. I’ve been slipping bits in here and there. Even their value washing powder ( which I can confirm washes just fine) on this weeks big shop I ordered the majority of things from tesco own brand.
I’m doing it for a couple of reasons , I don’t have much money atall so it makes sense to get more for less money. Especially as the kids are all growing with appetites increasing at alarming rates.
Also I think my kids are quite spoilt , because I have virtually no social life I don’t go out drinking and partying and I don’t drink at home , And also save money by buying clothes in primark and asda I probably spend the majority of our money on food.
But they need to really learn and understand about the value of money.
I’m going to take them shopping to buy food to donate and them take them to a local food bank so they can see how ungrateful they are moaning about own brand good. I don’t even buy the value brand. Apart from cleaning stuff.
Tescos own brand products are just fine. I’m very fussy about lurpak I usually will use morning else but thier butterpak is just a good. The bagels could be a bit more bagelly but over all it’s all perfectly good. Milo even seems to approve of the value cat litter.

I’m afraid the kids are going to have to get used to it. Because I’m shopping much more sensibly from now on.


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  1. I’ve started doing that too – my oldest is only 4 so doesn’t know any different, and I’ve changed bits gradually so she hasn’t missed anything. I changed to aldi after Xmas too – it’s so much cheaper! I only go to morissons for cereals, wash powder and fabric conditioner pretty much now. Xx

  2. My kids are super sensitive to washing powders but Tesco value and Lidl both are fine on their skin. Tesco cheapy tortilla chips are nicer than most of the expensive ones. I buy all my cereals in Lidl too. And biscuits. I won’t compromise on Heinz tomato soup though, there really is nothing else that tastes the same.

    Good on you slashing the budget 🙂

  3. Since my boy has been at Uni he is so aware of how much things cost…but my girl doesn’t have a clue! I also use as many of the vouchers I get that are relevant. Nothing wrong with being frugal 😌

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