Back to school …. Or not !


It’s been two months since I took Ollie out of school. I love having him home , he’s happy , relaxed , and the meltdowns are few and far between.
We are getting in the swing of home schooling. I’ve got him motivated which wasn’t easy , it’s all good.
The one thing I’m finding hard is getting him out of the house.

However …. As I’ve mentioned before the Family Recovery Team are working with us at the moment , right now I have more support than I’ve ever had and probably ever will have ,
This has been a positive thing although I’ve been a bit annoyed that they seem to want to push Ollie back into a school. Our education welfare officer visited a couple of weeks ago and on Friday with our FRP worker.
They can’t seem to understand that I like having Ollie at home , that after all the trauma he went through last year I want him home.
I was going to put my foot down until we talked with Ollie , he has decided that he is willing to give school a try IF
• he can go to the school on our road , it’s a two minute walk at most .( this is a deal breaker for him , it’s this school or nothing )
•they understand him .
•they don’t want to fix him.

Now I’m not sure if he says he’s willing to try because he thought he should say that or if he really wants to , I know he likes being at home , but we’ve filled in the application form ( we know the school has spaces) and handed it in.

The school IS a good school and our Frp worker works in there a number of times a week. If he gets in we will do a gradual entry with Frp working with the school , Ollie and I .
I can be at the school in a flash if I’m needed , it all sounds good. But if honest it sounds too good to be true.
I’m not sure Ollie is ready.
If I was going with my heart I wouldn’t do this , but I want Ollie to know that he’s thoughts and decisions are important and will be listened to.

So we will await news , our EWO is going to pull strings to get the application through quicker. We should know before 10 tens days.
I shall explain every step of this to Ollie as it happens so that he fully understands and if at ANY POINT , ANY POINT at all he changes his mind , I will stop everything.
I will give this my all to help ollie if it’s what he wants but I will not see him traumatised again. Not ever. I will be keeping a close eye on behavioural changes.

So for now it’s a waiting game the school is on my doorstep ( it almost actually is on my doorstep ) and it has yr 4 spaces. So If anything gets us a no ! As an answer it will be that we went with the full disclosure of what they are taking on.

I’m carrying on teaching Ollie because
•we enjoy it
•if he goes back I don’t want him too far behind ( he’s learnt nothing in school since last Christmas)
• if it doesn’t work out we will carry on with learning at home.
I’m not sure what answer I’m hoping for.
I just want to do the best thing for Ollie while letting him feel what he wants is valued.
Mostly I want to wrap him in my arms and never let anything hurt him.


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  1. It’s hard isn’t it, knowing what to do for the best. But at least you know that you do have options. i totally empathise with the wish to wrap him in your arms and protect him; it’s a completely natural, instinctive impulse. 🙂 x

  2. Gosh what a dilemma you face, so hard to know what to do for the best. As I have said before, you know him best, I guess you have to trust your gut!

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