A good day.


After quite a few really quite rubbish days a good one finally came along.
It started with my doctors appointment.
My doctor is lovely.
When I walked in to her room she said that she could really see a change in me from two weeks ago , she assured me that the emptiness I’ve been feeling is nothing to be worried about. That I’m still getting used to the higher dose of my meds.
And she chatted to me about everything. Just a good long chat about the things that have been troubling me.
She said she would like to see me every two weeks until Whenever I feel like I don’t need to see her so often , just so I know she is there for me to offload to.
Then because my appointment had been at the just the time the kids were getting in from school I decided that rather than faffing around cooking …..(I had an ΓΌber busy day doing lots of productive cleaning an tidying , mostly the 18 year olds room , for which I’m sure I deserve a medal at the least ) …
We should go to McDonald’s for dinner.
I’ve been trying to get Ollie out of the house all week , so far even McDonald’s had failed to do the trick , but not only did Ollie get dressed and agree to go out … The 18 year old ( also with ASD ) asked if he could come too.
This never happens. His ASD , OCD and social phobia just make it too difficult for him.
So I couldn’t believe my luck they were both going to be getting out of the house for a bit.
It wasn’t a problem free trip , the OCD , anxiety and the stress of busy buses and town being busy all kicked in a bit but we managed to get to McDonald’s and have a meal together. And none of us fell out with with eachother. Believe me when I say this was all a huge achievement. πŸ˜ƒ
As well as this my 17 year old had his third exam at college ( he’s doing a plumbing diploma ) he got his third distinction and is at the top of his class , he’s also the youngest !
After a bit of a crap year 11 when his greatest achievement was the lowest attendance ever on record he has really turned it all around. He has full attendance at college !
I must also mention that yesterday my 15 year old came home with brilliant mock exam results. Including A’s in maths and history and an A* in physics.

Even in difficult times there ARE things to be happy about.

All the Small Things - MummyNeverSleeps

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