Forty things to do before I’m forty.


I have blogged about this once before but I’m blogging about it with a fresh mind …. I’m going to be forty at the end of the year I have hadn’t much fun or done many things I want to do up until now. I’ve been busy raising kids ( which
I love) but it’s time for me to do something for me.
I want to do forty things before I’m

I’ve already been told by my support worker that this is the year I learn to say no.
So there’s 1 already.
So far I’ve come up with

•read forty books ( easy )
• go to the cinema alone
• go out for a meal alone
•spend one night in a hotel alone.
• finder some twitter pen pals ( any offers ?)
• meet tweeters
•Get better at cooking / baking
• get much better at blogging
• sleep under the stars
• stop wearing jeans every day
•I can’t run because of my PSA but I can walk so I want to a few miles every day.
• buy wellies and jump in puddles.

It’s not a long enough list yet.
But I’m not brave so I really can’t do anything requiring braveness.

What else can I add to my list.


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  1. You are braver than you give yourself credit for lady! Maybe not in the abseiling (or catching mice!) sense, but in so many other ways!

  2. For me, spending the night alone in a hotel would take courage…
    I’ll come and jump in puddles with you…just need to buy some wellies first. 😉 x

  3. You should do something crazy, that the normal (sane) you would never dream of. Like skydiving! I’m a huge chicken, but I did it once and it was the most fun thing ever! To me, I’d be more scared of going out to eat on my own, isn’t that silly? Great idea though….to come up with things to do for yourself! 🙂

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