Pokemon : the family that plays together ..


My biggest boys are 20, 18 and 16 , they started playing Pokemon back in the day when it was new and they were very young.
I remember that when they were in bed at night I used to help them out by training up their Pokemon.
They have enjoyed the Pokemon games ever since. But obviously didn’t want or need my help any more.
So it’s been years since I played.
This year they got the new Pokemon games for Christmas , and I decided it was time to get ollie into the games as the big ones have enjoyed them so much.
As Ollie is new to Pokemon I helped him out quite a bit on Christmas Day and Boxing Day ( although he soon got the hang of it himself ) and I realised how much I enjoyed it.
I’m not a good gamer. I’m useless on an Xbox a wii or a play station , I can’t even do candy crush or jelly splash.
Fast moving action games are definitely not my thing either.
But I can do the Pokemon games. And I like them.
As Ollie didn’t need me helping him I bought myself one ( it was my birthday after all ) and a funny thing has happened.
Funny peculiar not funny ha ha.
My big boys tend to be in their rooms playing whatever they play online , they don’t actually interact with ollie much, or me for that matter.
But since we all got the game there has been a change.
The boys are spending time together , trading , battling , talking about what to do and where , and they have all been helping Ollie out , and more strange they have been helping me. I need quite a bit of help , I never know where to go or what Pokemon is best against which Pokemon , they have traded me some really good Pokemon and helped me get others. Even trading really good Pokemon with random people to help me get good ones. And because they have been
Playing Pokemon so long they know the games inside out.
The girls have even joined in helping me and Ollie out.
We’ve been googling things ( Pokemon related ) together, because there is quite a lot to learn , And it’s all just been really nice.
It’s not easy to find something that everyone wants to get involved in but the Pokemon games have weirdly succeeded in giving us something to have a bit of bonding time over.

now I’m off to find the fourth Pokemon gym and beat the leader.


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