Longing for peace , missing the noise.


It’s weird isn’t it.
Having kids.
They drive you insane , you long for some peace but at the same time you miss them when they aren’t there.
My house is a full house. There are 8 of us. Me and 7 kids , although the eldest are 18 and 20 , trust me they still behave like kids.
It gets noisy and messy. Sometimes it can even get a bit suffocating.
I get an overwhelming feeling of just needing 5 minutes of peace , to be able to breathe. To see the house tidy.
I complain about them bickering and asking for something the moment I sit down , they take over the TV and the sofas. And wherever you go there is a kid. No peace.
But the girls went to stay with their dad after Christmas ( they go twice a year , they all used to go but only the girls want to go now) I always look forward to it , the idea of peace and quiet but the truth is as soon as they are gone I feel lost. Completely lost. I try to make the most of the time , relaxing , reading more than I usually get time for , but I miss their presence. And I hate it.
Today everyone is back to school college and Uni , the 18 year old is back to his nocturnal ways so it’s just me and Ollie. And it’s nice.
The house is tidy , it’s quiet , nobody is calling mum every minute but at the same time I’m looking at the clock waiting for them to be home , asking how long till dinner , leaving their stuff all over the place .
Tomorrow will be the same , looking forward to pushing them all out the door for a bit of peace and quiet , being able to breathe and then watching the clock waiting for home time.


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  1. Loved this post!
    We complain but we all love it really. 😉
    I wave S off with a sigh of relief then spend all day fretting how he’s doing. X

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