Person under train


I’m not sure of the figures but my attempts at googling suggest there are around at least 50 incidents of suicide on the London Underground per year.
And every time it happens a quick look at twitter fills me with dismay at the attitudes of so many people.

Today a person committed suicide on the Victoria line and once again there was a deluge of tweets calling the person selfish. And suggesting that If you want to commit suicide do it somewhere that doesn’t disrupt others.
Now I’ve never been in the position where I have been driven to the point of wanting to throw myself under a train and I don’t know goes through somebody’s mind at that point but I’m absolutely sure that it’s not a desire to cause disruption or to annoy commuters.
Nobody decides to commit suicide just to piss people off. To come to a point where you want to end your life your mind ( I imagine) is not in a rational place.
It’s obviously very inconvenient if your journey is delayed by a person under a train , people will be late for work , school , meetings , appointments , but a Person has been in such a dark place that they have ended their life in a horrific manner. Surely that’s the most important thing. Somebody’s son or daughter. Somebody’s loved one.
It’s a tragedy , for the person under the train , and for their family and friends , for everybody else it is an inconvenience.
I have endless sympathy for all people involved such as the emergency service men and women and station staff who have to witness and deal with the terrible aftermath , as well as the train driver , and anyone who witnesses the incident , I imagine it’s something that stays with them and in most cases I’m sure has a profound effect.
But those people who are inconvenienced by delays , they will get where they are going eventually , meetings and appointments can be rearranged , the repercussions probably won’t last and when all is said and done they will get home.
The person under the train will never get home.


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