All out of humanity ….


Following on from my earlier blog post …. What the hell is wrong with people ?

Tonight on channel 4 there is a programme about benefits. I’m not watching because I can imagine what a load of crap it is already. But as per usual the ” funny” people like to ridicule benefit claimants off the back of a TV show.

I know there are those who claim fraudulently and those who deliberately milk the system. But people like to tar us all with the same brush.
Just because you claim benefits doesn’t mean you are lazy scum. It doesn’t make you a bad person , a bad parent and it doesn’t mean you are thick.
Living on benefits is far from living the high life.
And the constant degrading from those not on benefits is not fun.
Some people have their children before they fall on hard times , it’s impossible to know that your child may be disabled so you will have to be their carer and it’s impossible to know that you may lose your job.
I think it’s pretty low to ridicule people just because they are on benefits , it could be any body one day.
I could go on and on but my point is
What the hell has happened , where has all the humanity gone ??


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  1. Just watched the show,painted a v. depressing picture.But i think extremely manipulated and heavily edited.Some of the participants have already said they were tricked into the show.Pure propaganda to distract from the real issues??:)

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