Bringing family dinner back.


When the kids were younger we would always eat all of our meals at the table together.
But they grew up and started having lives of their own.
Mealtimes have become quite disorganised.everybody comes home from school , college and uni at different times and they are all starving as soon as they come in. There are rarely more than 4 of us sitting at the table together.
And it’s the same for breakfast. Everybody gets up and leaves at different times. Some of the kids like a good breakfast before they go , some have to be nagged into at least taking a breakfast bar on the way out of the door and some of them prefer to get breakfast at school.

Having Christmas dinner , with everybody at the table , at the same time reminded me just how much I miss having mealtimes together.

I’ve decided that on Sundays everybody has to be home , around the table at the same time for dinner.
And that dinner will be a proper affair with the food in serving dishes and nice drinks.
And that more of an effort will be made to have breakfast together on a Sunday. ( not such an easy task because the teens usually surface at lunchtime. )

Today we had a proper dinner including roast potatoes , Yorkshire puddings , stuffing balls, gravy , and vegetables , we had a bottle of shloer , which we usually have for Christmas and birthdays , just to make it a bit fancy ( we mix it with lemonade to make it go further) and a proper pudding of jam roly poly or winter fruit crumble and melon slices for Zoë and Ollie because they aren’t big pudding fans.

I almost got a full set of kids at the table too.

For our breakfast this morning I managed to get myself and 4 kids at the table ( more than I expected ) and we ate croissants and bagels together and had proper nice orange juice ( innocent with bits , a bit too expensive for every day but nice for a weekend treat )

It was lovely !
Being together at the table .

I’m going to make a big effort to make sure that we do this every Sunday.
And I may even try to co-ordinate a proper family mealtime for a weeknight every week too.
I think it’s simple things like making time to be together for meals that helps to keep a family strong.


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  1. Hi! I loved reading this post about family dinner. You are totally right : keeping a family strong includes sharing a meal altogether once a day (or so). We in France (as in many countries I presume) also have this problem of kids having lives of their own. I would also like to wish you all a very happy New Year. I’m a big fan of your blog. Thanks for your fantastic work.

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