Every book deserves it’s day.


I have a pile of 4 half read books next to my bed.
It’s not often I don’t enjoy a book , I like almost every kind of book ( except sci fi which I just don’t get ) and will skip from young adult to paranormal to boy meets girl to books that Ollie has ie gangsta granny.
I loved Anne of green gables and I even enjoyed wuthering heights , although I found it hard work.
But I just haven’t loved these four books.
Maybe I’m not giving them a chance , maybe I was distracted at the time I was reading them.
I feel a little guilty every time I start a new book knowing they are next to my bed just waiting to be read to the end.
I’ve decided that every book deserves it’s day.
And as soon as I’ve read Northern lights which I’m starting this weekend I’m going to read them. All 4 of them. To the end.

The books are : severed heads , broken hearts .
Heart shaped bruise.
My sister lives on the mantelpiece
Throne of glass.

I will report back on whether they were worth going back to.

Do you ever give up on a book or do you always slog it out to the end ?


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