Read it , Unwind trilogy ( book review)


I’ve been going on about these books for a while now on twitter but I enjoyed them more than I’ve enjoyed any book for a while.
And I read a lot of books.

Set in the near distant future in a time where unruly teenagers are dealt with in a whole new way.
Their parents sign them over to be unwound. A process whereby their bodies are divided and distributed to people who need new organs , limbs , even brains , every part of the body is used.
It’s not just unruly teenagers , tithes are children whose parents have already decided to sacrifice their child as a religious act before they are even born. When then turn 13 they are signed over.
The book centres around a group of teenagers trying to escape the unwinding process, as well as the illegal parts pirates.
The main characters Connor , Risa and Lev and starkey each have their own path in the book , at times coming together !
The book is sometimes a little graphic and at times a bit grim.
The scene in which the unwinding process is described from the point of view of the teenager ( they are awake through the whole process) isn’t pleasant reading. But it is a necessary part of the story.
There is also a character introduced in the second book built entirely from parts of other teenagers. Which raises the question of does he have a soul ?

I was gripped by these books and I’m so pleased that there is going to be a 4th !
The books are fast paced. Full of action. And the story switches from one characters story to another.which keeps it interesting.
I found the story really thought provoking.

If you like an action packed fast moving read I highly recommend this series.


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