The one where we had a nice day.


I always find the week between Christmas and new year a bit weird.
It’s a bit of a lost week.
Christmas is over , all that remains is the tiredness from all the preparation and the cheese that you just can’t stop eating , or is that just me ?
The days are normal days but they aren’t really.
Waiting for something.
Waiting for the new year.
which I always find a bit of a let down
Two of my girls are away for the week so the house feels quiet and lonely Ollie has been having a lot of ” alone time ” up in my room , after his birthday and Christmas he needs it , but the teens are almost nocturnal over the holidays , I miss the noise of having the girls around.

We needed to get out a bit today , we needed a nice day.
So after a little persuasion Ollie agreed to going to the cinema , Turbo was showing as a Β£1.50 movie.
Ollie did grumble all the way there that I was forcing him to go out with a terrible bad cold ( he had no cold) and that I’m a mean mum
But I knew he would enjoy it once we got there.
We bought drinks in pound land to smuggle in , of course , and Ollie asked if he could have cinema popcorn as it was his birthday last week.
I’m not sure that ” it was my birthday …..” Is fair grounds for cinema popcorn prices but it had been an effort for him to come out and obviously he had to share with me because it was my birthday on Wednesday.
Although the movie turned out to be very popular for a cold wet Monday morning Ollie coped really well.
I could tell he was really engaged in it because he didn’t ask to go home like he usually does , all the way through.
The movie was excellent.
It’s about a snail who dreams of being fast. And when a freak occurrence means his dream comes true he ends up racing in the indie 500 race against his hero racing car driver.
It’s exciting , full of action , touching and very funny.

After the movie we went to McDonald’s for the obligatory after movie happy meal and popped into Tiger just because I love that shop and unusually it wasn’t busy.

I love the things you can pick up in there , they always have lovely quirky stuff and so cheap.

I bought Ollie a paper airplane set and a box of building cards.


I love the photo of Ollie with the building cards.

We had pie for dinner because pie is perfect on a cold wet Monday and some veg with it as I’ve challenged myself to eat veg every day.
As a vegetarian I really should actually eat some vegetables.

Then after playing with the planes and building cards Ollie went off for some alone time and I settled down to read one of my new books.


It was such a wonderfully good book that I couldn’t put it down till I was finished. I just loved it. Every page of it.
( I will write a review of it soon )

It was lovely to get us out today , I’m glad I forced Ollie and in the end he was glad too.
I’m feeling much less glum after a rather ordinary but lovely day.


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  1. We have barely been out the door for a week (I did go for a walk one day) and frankly I’m boring myself now, so it’s lovely to read about your wee outing. It’s great that Ollie had the reserves to really cope with and enjoy the cinema, must surely not be a coincidence that since leaving school he did this?

    Loving the look of Tiger, that’s a shop we don’t have here, which for my wallet is probably just as well πŸ˜€

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