2014 is going to be ok …


I’m not usually big on new year.
I tend to see it as just a date on the calendar , nothing magical happens.
Things don’t change just because it’s the start of a new year.
But right now I need a turning point.
And new year seems like a good time to make some changes.

2013 was the year from hell. it’s in joint first place as my worst year ever.
It’s been a year of stress and anxiety.
One problem after another.
More often a good few problems at once.
I’ve dealt with it all alone.
And it’s left me tired and a little broken.

Just before Christmas the family recovery team started working with us and for the first time I feel like somebody has got my back.
I feel like things will be ok.
Because there is a whole team of people on my side.

But I need to make some changes … To the way I think .I have a tendency to take a problem , picture the worst possible outcome , magnify it and hold onto it.
I do it every time. Causing myself a lot of unnecessary stress and sleepless nights.
I need to stop !
I guess it’s a good thing to understand all the possible outcomes of a situation but to fixate on the worst case scenario helps nobody.
I need to introduce a little positivity into my thinking.

I also have a knack for taking little problems and lumping them all together till they seem like a huge problem that I just can’t overcome.
It’s a lot easier to deal with each problem on its own , separately , a small problem is much more doable than a bunch of problems.
I know this.
I just need to remember it.

I need to learn to say no.
No! To the kids .
No! To those people that suck the soul out of me .
No! To those who ask for money , believe it or not even though I’m a single mum with 7 kids there are those that expect me to bail them out time after time.
I need to say no a lot more often.
Then I will have the time and energy to say yes to good things.

All I want from this year is for things to start getting better. And to start putting the broken pieces back together.

This year things are going to be okay !

I wish you a happy healthy new year x


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