New year … New ( but same old ) blog.


So I’ve not blogged for a while …. Ive even thought about not blogging , no particular reason , I just sometimes wonder if there is a point.
But there is a point …
I like to write !
It’s my thing and I like to have a thing
I’m not writing any great works here , but I’m writing , Im thinking and using words and …. I like it.

My blog is almost a year old.
When I started I didn’t really know what to blog about.
But my blog became mostly a blog about Ollie , and autism and CAMHS , it then also became the place I vented my frustrations about school ,if you’ve been reading that long ( first of all thank you) you will have read the whole process from The time I first thought there was something not right to me deregistering Ollie from school.

The thing is I never intended my blog to be about that , and while Ollie , autism , CAMHS , homeschooling etc are things I will always write about because I think it’s important to write about these things , to ( possibly) help others and to make people aware and accepting , I would like to fit some other things into my blog.

I’m not just Ollies mum , I have 7 kids ranging from a 9 year old to a tween , to teens all the way up to an actual adult ( I know right , I don’t possibly look old enough ) … I’d like to write some more family orientated stuff , I’m not even sure what yet , just that as much as I love Ollie I’m not just his mum

I’ve written a few book reviews , books are my favourite things aside from the kids , I love books , I love to read.
I want to do more book reviews , more book related posts , even maybe some reviews of books Ollie reads , perhaps me and Ollie will even collaborate on some book reviews.

I also love movies. Whether at the cinema , on DVD or just on the TV I love to snuggle up with a kid or two and watch a good movie. We used to have movie nights , I’m going to start that again because it’s a really good way of getting us all in the room together ( also a good excuse for fizzy pop and snacks ) so I may blog a little about what we watch.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is cook and bake more.
I can cook I just lack inspiration , and I have the worlds fussiest family but I’m going to try involving them in a bit of baking , while I try to find inspiration for some new family meals.
I’d like to include perhaps a little of what we make.
And also stick to making regular meal planning posts. mostly because if I’ve blogged that I’m making something I’m more inclined to do it.

I also want to do a bit of decorating , get the half painted rooms finished , spruce the house up a little maybe even make ( or buy) some bunting and other such lovely stuff , I’m also going to be swapping rooms with the teen ( so my new room will need decorating ) this will be done on a very tight budget , and I’m no interior designer but if you would like a nosey at what I do with an almost non existent budget I might blog a bit about house- sprucing- up

is this too much change ?
I hope not.
There’s just a little bit more ….

One last thing I’d like to include is the stuff me and Ollie do while he is home with me unschooling
I’ve decided to keep the unschooling posts to this blog mostly because multiple blogs are just a bit much to look after.

I won’t be changing how I write , it’s who I am and how I do this.

I hope you will stick around for 2014
, it’s still the same blog just with a bit more
If something doesn’t work I’ll just bin the idea and move on. So do let me know !

I don’t really do resolutions but one I am making this year is
To stop letting people drain the soul out of me.
let’s see how that goes.

THANKYOU for reading , and happy new year !


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  1. Naomi sent me the link to your blog, and I’ve been following a while now (but never commented!) – good luck on the new writing direction, it’s been interesting to read how things have changed for you, it’s sounded quite a tough one. Hope you have a good 2014! – jo

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