And so you’re almost nine : my boy lollipop.


Almost 9 years ago , on the 22nd , you came into the world. I was at a bus stop heading into town to do some very last minute Christmas shopping. But as I sat on the floor outside of the library doubled over in pain phoning your aunty telling her ” I can’t go shopping the baby is coming NOW ” I realised you had your own plans.
And the world has been a more wonderful place every day since.
You were a funny little thing when you were born. Your skin was a little baggy , you hadn’t grown into it yet and it was flaky , so flaky. When I took your little socks off there would be a flurry of little white skin flakes.
The first time Zoë saw you ( she was only 3) she screamed and ran away. You were just too baggy and flaky for her. You soon filled your skin and we smothered you with oil till you were pink and rosey and soft as … Well as soft as a baby’s bottom.
It wasn’t too long before Zoë just wanted to hold you and play with you all the time.
You were … Are … My last baby , my last child , you where my silver lining. My big-brown eyed boy.
And I love you , we love you Ollie , my boy lollipop.
You weren’t an easy baby. You exercised your lungs often and loudly.
Your milk made your poorly , you needed special milk and you could only drink tiny tiny bits at a time. The only thing that could soothe you was blanky , blanky that you held so tightly as a baby , rubbing label between your finger and thumb , you still do this now. Although you’ve worn out a few labels. Blanky has a big piece missing because even when you were just one year old , that night you had a tummy bug and an explosive nappy I knew that separating you from blanky long enough to wash it would be all kinds of hell. So , I did what I had to. I cut the * affected * piece off.
You absolutely refused to wear socks , as soon as you were able you pulled them off , every pair. We left a sock trail everywhere we went. Shoes were the same. I can’t tell you how many old ladies tutted and told me your feet were cold.
You also wouldn’t have a rain cover over you. You would use all your mite to pull yourself forward and stick your little head out from the side. Cue old ladies telling me ” your baby is getting wet dear ”
From the moment you could walk you refused to go in the buggy. It became a daily wrestling match. You learnt to wriggle out from a 5 point harness and would launch yourself onto the pavement from your pram. The problem was once free you could never decide if you wanted to walk or be carried.
We had many many stand offs , you laying face down on the pavement screaming and kicking. Me wondering how soon you could start nursery.
You also threw yourself from the high chair at every meal. There weren’t nothing gonna hold you down. You were a rebel .. In a nappy. The times I turned my back and found you hanging from the high chair by an ankle.
Oh and talking of nappies , Ollie , from the age of 1 till almost the age of 3 we had an issue with nappies , didn’t we .
You liked to take your full nappy off and , let’s say ..decorate the walls … And yourself with its contents. EVERY DAY.
You liked to do it while you where in your cot * napping* the health visitor suggested putting you down for naps after you had ” filled ” your nappy and been changed. But Ollie you knew this and you waited and waited , you wouldn’t poo till you were so * sleepy* you just had to go to bed. I would put you in a vest a babygro and a cardigan ” he will never get out of that lot” but you did. every time the fun I had picking you up out of your cot in rubber gloves , showering you off and then scrubbing walls and washing sheets. every day. it’s ok though lolly , I loved you anyway.

You were completely train mad. Just like your 3 big brothers you were hooked on Thomas. You had every engine , you would line them up for hours and hours. And some of them had to go everywhere with us. If we went into town you took it to mean a new train , you would scream and howl and kick ” train , train I need train ” so going into town was always fun.
One thing you did like in town though was boots , the store. You see you developed a fascination with make up as a toddler. You loved toddling into boots and putting a bit of each tester on your face. eye stuff … Ooh I will just pop that on my cheeks …. Lip stick …..surely for drawing on my whole face. Powder …. A dash everywhere I think
You looked a sight when we had been to town. Especially as you have hated buses since you were a tiny baby and still do now. As a toddler you had a meltdown on every bus ride. ( which was tricky as back then we had to get buses to and from school ) imagine how you looked laying on the bus floor having a screaming paddy with a face full of makeup.
At granny’s house you always headed straight for her make up too.
We used to pop in for a tea before we did the school run. And immediately set about * doing your face * You looked ah-may-zing dah-ling.

At the time I must admit it didn’t always seem such great fun. But now I see you gave us so many memories of your monkeying around to look back on. You were strong willed , daring and you knew exactly how you liked things to happen. your way !

To be continued. …..


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