Bah humbug !


I love Christmas. I really really do.
I love everything about it.
What’s not to love? Ollies birthday is on the 22nd and I’m a Christmas Day baby.
I love the tree , decorations , lights , I love mince pies , Christmas pudding , Christmas dinner.
I love Christmas songs and carols.
I’m usually driving the kids mad playing Christmas CDs by now. I even love mistletoe by the Bieber. calm down I’m not a belieber I just like that song .
I love choosing wrapping paper , I always get red , white and black so I love looking around for nice ones.
The last few years I’ve been getting personalised cards from moonpig , because it’s fun choosing the design.
I love all the lists , to do lists , to buy lists , I love having a notebook full of important things to do.
I even love the shopping , ordering online after hours of browsing and the busy buzz in the shops.
I love buying my bottle of baileys , knowing I won’t open it till Christmas Eve but knowing it’s there waiting for me.
You get my point , yes ?
I love it. All of it.
But this year nothing.
I have no Christmas spirit , none at all.
I’ve put the tree up but Milo is spending every waking moment destroying it so I’m getting a little fed up with it.
I haven’t indulged in any mince pies.
My Christmas cd has only been played once.
I’ve only bought presents for one and a half of the kids. I have got as far as ordering the Christmas Eve pjs though.
I haven’t even written my birthday list.
fair enough I buy my presents and wrap them myself but it’s usually exciting to know that soon they will by mine. I just have to wait a little bit longer
I’ve not bought wrapping paper yet and I’ve not bothered with cards at all.
I’ve gone as far as reserving my delivery slot for the Christmas food but I’ve so far only ordered enough to save my slot.
I’ve not given a thought to my bottle of baileys.
All a bit disappointing really.
I don’t know where my Christmas is.
I know this year has been naff. The naffest of the naff really , and losing my £400 voucher didn’t help.
I’m getting it replaced but it’s meant some shopping is on hold.
It also doesn’t help that I can’t get Ollie to come out shopping. He just won’t do shops. Today I asked him if we could pop into marks just to get some seasoning for the Christmas dinner roast potatoes , I promised him a happy meal afterwards. He cried.
He cried at the thought of one item in one shop. * sigh*
But to be honest most years are a bit naff and I’m always skint , but that doesn’t usually zap my Christmas spirit away.
I want to be excited. I really really do.
I want to feel festive.
But it’s just not happening.
It needs to happen.
I need it to happen.

If you know the secret to jump starting my festive feelings tell me , for the love of God tell me.

If you have any spare Christmas spirit send it my way first class special delivery.

Or maybe wrap me in tinsel , sprinkle me with glitter and make me listen to Christmas songs till I crack.


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  1. Hi there! Your blog is, as usual, beautifully written! Christmas is coming up fast and I’m pretty sure you and your family will be fine, enjoying a nice and very special time together. But as you know, people aren’t always feeling a hundred percent and this doesn’t mean they’re not doing their very best. From what I can read in your blog, you are the MOST AMAZING AND LOVING MUM I’ve ever heard about. Keep in touch. xxx

  2. I reckon maybe all the fighting on Ollie’s behalf has taken all your whoomph and you need the down time – you are a super-mum but even super heroes need to recharge. The timing sucks, I grant you, but if you have enough food ordered maybe this year will have to be a quiet one. Do the kids help out or could they help more? Delegation might push you into being more “in control” I really don’t have any answers but I do your sparkle returns in time for you to start enjoying the festive holiday xxxxx

  3. Hi! I’ve just discovered you via A Dad Called Spen and I love the way you write. I like that you turned a classic I ‘heart’ Christmas post into a thoughtful article. It’s difficult to fake a feeling, festive or otherwise, but I find playing All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey version, obvs) very loud is a good start. ‘You’ being your darling children, of course 🙂

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