Roll up roll up , show us your blog . Linky is back.


Do you blog ? Do you read blogs ?
My linky is very simple , there are no rules , just link up to show us your blog I do think it’s polite to maybe stop by and take a look at one or two other blogs that link up , but it’s not the law.

What’s the point of my linky ?
I’ve wondered this ….. But it’s actually a simple answer , it’s always nice if someone new stumbles upon your blog and takes a look , I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it’s still true , I write because I like to , I’m not interested in doing giveaways , reviews , sponsored posts etc but if I actually wanted to write purely for myself I’d write a word document , or a journal or email myself or go totally retro and use a pen and paper.
Of course it’s nice if someone new reads my blog.
I have nothing against blogs that do reviews etc in fact I read lots of them

So that’s why I do this linky.

Who knows , if you link up at the bottom of this post someone new might find your blog and you might find a new blog that you enjoy.

So whether your blog is old or new , whatever you blog about , reviews , competitions or not
show us your blog

Let’s show eachother some blog love 💗


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