Child untreated…


If my child broke their leg I would take my child to hospital , my child would be seen and treated.
The leg would be fixed.

If I didn’t get their leg fixed there would quite rightly be questions , why wasn’t I helping my child , if I sent them to school with a broken leg no doubt the school would report it to someone , because you know if there’s something wrong with your child you seek help , and get treatment.

If the doctor I saw didn’t fix my child’s leg I would go to another doctor , make a complaint and get the leg fixed.

If my child developed an illness I would go to the doctor.
The doctor would treat or refer my child on for treatment.
My child would be treated.

If I didn’t help my child , the school would surely ask questions , why aren’t you helping your child ?
Eventually I imagine someone would step in and I would have to get my child help.

Because if your Child has an illness you get them help. You get the illness treated.
That’s what you are supposed to do.
And that’s what happens.

It’s the way it works.
We have a national health service , if we or our children become ill or injured we go to the nhs for help.

If we don’t , people ask questions.
There would be outrage if a child was left Ill or injured without help from either the parent or the nhs.

This is all quite right.
This is how it should happen.

But if your child has a condition , ie autism , a mental health illness , one that isn’t visible one that may take some time to diagnose you take that child to the gp , you most likely get referred to CAMHS and then you wait …… You wait unreasonable lengths of time even for an initial appointment.
If you even get assessed as needing help from CAMHS you will go onto their system …… And then you will get stuck.
Stuck in a system that doesn’t move.
You will be made promises , promises that won’t happen.
It’s actually possible ( believe me I know ) to be in their system for almost a decade.
Without help.
It differs from area to area , I know that in some areas CAMHS are quite good but in my area , and I believe most , CAMHS are all the same.
They lack funding , staff and expertise .
Your child can go for years without treatment.
Even if you only wait one year for help that’s too long.

You can ask your gp , your school , any professional for help but all doors lead back to CAMHS.

Your child could be suffering from a condition with a huge detrimental effect on their life , they could be suffering mentally , their physical health may even be affected ….. But still you wait.

And the worst thing is that it seems to be almost accepted by other professionals that if you need help from CAMHS you will wait … And wait …. And perhaps recieve help but that help will probably be inadequate.

And that’s how it is.
For many many children.
Lost in a system that doesn’t work.
That doesn’t help.
It shouldn’t be like that.

Why should a ” hidden disability ” or mental illness be any different to a physical illness.

Why shouldn’t a child needing medical help for an illness or condition that requires help from CAMHS be any less important than a child needing help for a broken limb , a disease !


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  1. You are right.Why is it in 2013 we still,naturally and rightly,react to physical disabilities snd injuries but when it comes to mental health everyone is either misinformed or ignorant or just want to stick their head in the sand and pretend these conditions don’t exist.I believe we should teach mental health issues in school.But i don’t believe that will happen anytime soon.

  2. So sad but true! I have a child in High School whom I have had to point out has a hidden disability, but who cares? I have tried for years to get help, but no one there. Sadly I am still trying, still no one there, yet if he was in a wheel chair, they would be falling over themselves to help WHY?

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