The dark side of charity …


I was going out tonight , for the first time since August , I only go out when my best friend is down from Yorkshire around three times a year.
I’d had a long day , in fact I’d had a long week / month/ year and I was really happy to be getting a couple of hours out.
I wasn’t going out to splash the cash , I had £25 …..
I walked up the road to my friends mums house and waited outside her block for her , a group of doorstep charity collectors were around. One of them , a man , approached me and asked how I feel about charity.
I told him I give to charity every month by direct debit. He asked which ones and being polite I told him Macmillan , dogs trust and the Red Cross.
He asked me why I * don’t care* about children with learning disabilities.
I told him I have two children with autism , tourrettes , OCD etc and that if I could afford to give anymore to charity I would.
I wanted him to go so I told him I was on my way out and just waiting for someone.
He told me that instead of going out I could be donating to charity.
This man , a charity collector , supposedly doing good , made me feel like shit !
He doesn’t know that I’m trying to bring up 7 kids alone on benefits , or that I care for two disabled children 24 hours a day.
Or that I spend every spare moment I have blogging about autism trying to raise understanding.
He doesn’t know that I organised my own sponsored walk last year for the national autistic society and that I’m planning another walk for Easter.
How dare he !

I’m a sucker for charity. If I have anything I give it. To whatever charity I come across.
I buy pins, trolley coins , ribbons and put my change into charity tins , Because that’s all I can do , I care. I care a lot. But I just don’t have anything to give.

It’s people like this that give charities a bad name. Approaching someone on the street at 8:30 pm accusing them of not caring.
It’s bad enough when you can’t get them off your doorstep. It’s intimidating and unpleasant.
I will continue to give what I can when I can and I will forever be a supporter of charities such as the national autistic society but I will do so on my own terms , not because someone tried to intimidate me.
And next time one of these doorstep knockers comes around my house I won’t even give them the polite 5 minutes I usually do.


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