How I feed veggies and fussies on Christmas Day.


This time of year I always see a lot of tweets along the lines of “aaargh I have to feed a veggie for Christmas dinner ”

I’ve been veggie since I was 11 …. I’m 38 now so a long time and it’s really not that difficult.

I also have the worlds fussiest children.

But because Christmas is my favourite day well, it is my birthday I like to get Christmas dinner right and make sure everyone’s wants and needs are catered for.

I’m no Jamie Oliver , in fact I’m as far being Jamie Oliver as possible ….so I cheat where I can

This year my Christmas dinner will be made up of the following. :

A quorn family roast ( a roast chicken type thing ) I will be the first to say on first appearances it doesn’t look the most appetising but well cooked , sliced and served in a delicious thick vegetarian gravy it really is tasty.
In fact some of my meat eaters also enjoy it.

So that’s basically the veggie aspect dealt with already.

Providing care is taken not to stir or poke anything that a veggie will be eating with something that’s touched the meat.

I buy aunt Bessie’s frozen stuffing balls ( vegetarian) because , well easy and yum they just go in the microwave. .

Roast potatoes ( I roast them in lurpak )
Some of us like a herby seasoning on our potatoes so I’ll do half plain and half seasoned.

Parsnips ( with help from aunt Bessie)
Sprouts ( my favourite veg) frozen as I don’t want to spend Christmas peeling spuds.

Mange toute because I love them

Peas ( frozen petits pois of course)

And aunt Bessie’s mashed swede and carrot.

My mums cooks the meat because frankly I dont have a clue about cooking a joint.

But for my fussy ones that dont like turkey I cook some nice sausages and a pack of quorn mince in a tomatoey sauce.

We eat LOTS of Yorkshire puddings , we all love them and of course they too will be courtesy of good old aunt Bessie.

My mum makes a chicken gravy , while I make a veggie one and I also make an onion sauce.

We like mint sauce on our dinner and mum likes cranberry .

Only me mum and my eldest like Christmas pudding , so while we shall be eating that with plenty of brandy sauce the kids will have jam roly poly and custard.

We drink shloer with our Christmas dinner to make it feel a bit fancy.

That probably all sounds like a bit of a palava but actually both the veggie ( me) and the fussies are all easily sorted and we have a Christmas dinner that will leave us all with full happy tummys.

And as you can see , as it Christmas Day , and my birthday I get a lot of help from good old aunt Bessie.

Nobody wants to be in the kitchen all day.


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