Get over your ‘elves


Christmas Is certainly getting people riled up this year , certainly on my twitter feed and the blogs I read. It seems the elf on the shelf has caused some controversy as well as igniting the question of Christmas being too competitive.

calm down everyone , it’s not good for your ‘elf * cue canned laughter)
( see what I did there )

What is all the fuss about ?

I dont have an elf on the shelf , id never heard of it till last year and by then my lot were too big to appreciate it, but I probably would have had one.

Mine wouldn’t have been reporting back to Santa but he would have been watching the festivities and perhaps playing some elf pranks.

I’m sure I would have taken photos , he would have been the star of Instagram and I’m sure my elf would have featured in my fb and tweeter feeds …… But the thing is …. If I’d had an elf you wouldn’t HAVE to look at my photos or read about him.
It’s not the law.

All the folk moaning about the elf on the shelf you don’t have to look , you don’t have to read.
If it really bothers you and I can’t see why a bit of festive fun would , then delete , block , mute , scroll past , whatever.

Just dont take the shine off someone else’s happiness just because you don’t do elf on the shelf.

Everyone has different traditions.
That’s a part of what makes Christmas interesting.
And I think that most people when posting their Christmas pics are doing it in the spirit of Christmas.
Not to be competetive.
Just to show how they do Christmas.
Although actually if we’re honest dont most of us have a bit of a competitive streak even if it’s well hidden.
Don’t we all ( just a little bit) kind of want our tree to look the best and our wrapping paper to be the nicest ?

Just me ??? …… I’ll get my coat.

I enjoy looking at all the Christmas posts and pics on fb twitter and Instagram. And If I don’t want to see them I won’t look.

I may not agree with or understand everyone’s traditions but I can still look at their pics and be happy for them that they are happy.

Wether you have an elf on the shelf , or not , a 10ft tree or a 2ft tree , white tree lights or twinkling rainbow lights , wether you like tinsel hung from every available space or you prefer something a bit more subtle and classy it’s up to you it’s your Christmas , do it your way

Do it your way and let other people just get over them ‘elves *cue canned laughter part 2 *


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  1. Haha I laughed at both elf jokes. I am easily pleased.
    Well said! I don’t even really understand the entire elf on a shelf thing, but I am not going to criticise over it. Christmas is entirely personal. Lovely post Mrs T well said! X

  2. I agree Grethe, we ARE doing elf on shelf this year but it’s just for us and I like seeing the other ideas people come up with. I can’t stand the bitstrips cartoons everyone is using on FB at the moment so I scroll past, no great shakes. Get over it people!

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