To run or not to run ….


I’m definitely not a big fan of exercise,
I’m not lazy ….. I walk a lot ….i don’t really diet , I just kind of keep an eye on how tight my jeans get and adjust biscuit intake accordingly , but I feel like running is missing from my life.

I used to go to the gym, every other day , put my earphones in and run on the treadmill.
But I realised that I could run for free in the great outdoors and so I started to do that.
I was never going to win any races , or medals , or probably even catch a bus but I enjoyed it.
Half an hour in the evening , just me and my music , running.

But then what had always just been annoying aches and pains in my joints developed into psoriatic arthritis.

I’ve been on the right medication for most of this year but I had a long twelve months before that where I could almost not walk atall.
I was in excruciating pain all the time and very swollen and stiff.

Now although I’m still stiff …… Especially in the morning and at night I’m managing the pain well.

And I’m starting to miss running.

I’ve been under so much stress that I feel like it’s just bubbling beneath the surface all the time.

And I need to release it .

But I don’t know if I can run anymore .
I don’t want to do any damage and I don’t want to cause a big flare up but I really want to give it a try.

Is it foolish ?

Are my running days over ?

I’m thinking I should ask my gp but I know it will be a huge disappointment if she says no.

Should I just hang up my trainers and open a packet of biscuits. ?


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