Christmas in the TOZERS house.


I LOVE Christmas. I love December I love the whole thing.
I have two kids with December birthdays and I am a Christmas Day baby.

Growing up we either spent our christmasses in Norway or we had Norwegian family here for Christmas.

We did it the Scandinavian way , presents were exchanged on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was for dinner , church and family time.

When I had my first baby I’d never had a Christmas like all my friends had , the excitement of waiting for presents and trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve so although my childhood christmasses will stay with me forever I wanted to do it differently for my little family.

We always go to Christmas carol service at our community church , that’s what really kicks of the Christmas feeling for me.

And our tree goes up on December 10th. It’s my sons birthday and since he was born it’s been up on his day.
We started the Christmas Eve gift of pyjamas from the elves when the kids were very small.
Usually while we go to the local christingle service the elves leave a package in our porch.


After church we usually have pizza and dough balls from pizza express ( kids choice ) with a glass of shloer and hang the Santa key on the front door handle. We sprinkle reindeer food and put out a mince pie and a glass of baileys for * Santa

* me.

And we watch a Christmas movie. Which always ends in ZoΓ« (and me ) crying.


After the littlest have gone to bed the panic wrapping , the hunt for the lost present ( there’s always one ) and the putting them under the tree happens.

By now I’m powered by Baileys




Bedtime usually happens at the crack of dawn.

As it’s my birthday on Christmas Day the kids wake me up with dishwater tea and could toast at around 8.

The opening frenzy then begins , lately I introduced a rule where we save a present each for after dinner and one for Boxing Day.

My mum is usually with us for Christmas so she helps out making the Christmas dinner. ( I will blog about Christmas dinner for a veggie , fussy kids and * normal eaters* ) I make the kids wear their proper Santa hats for dinner. Even the big ones.

After dinner we veg in front of the TV a bit. Open a present. And then it switches to my birthday. We have cake and my presents … A glass or two of baileys for me and mum , cider for my eldest and shloer for the others.
And then we sit and eat cheese and crackers until we are all fit to burst.

I love it.

How do you do it ?


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