The big guns are here.


If you’ve read my blog for any length of time , first of all thanks for sticking with it , and secondly you will know we’ve had a rough time.
We’ve been let down at every point by the education system , and CAMHS.
I spent the last 9 years banging my head on the walls of CAMHS trying to get some help.
Help has come along with promises of making things better , getting things done but it’s always fallen short. It’s dwindled off. There haven’t been the resources and most of all it’s always come back to the brick wall that is CAMHS.
Now I’m in the situation where I have an 18 year old that has completely fallen through the system and desperately needs help and an 8 year old who has already been failed at every point.

When I deregistered Ollie from school the school referred us to the family recovery team

They are the big guns.
They step in when you have been failed by everyone else and in their words pick up the pieces.

It’s a shame that you have to get to that point but at last , for us , the big guns are here.

The family recovery project are a team of around 30 people who work together in one place bringing all their resources together ,

I can’t remember them all but the team consists of
A child mental health worker
An adult mental health worker
Social workers
Mental health nurses
Police officers
An education welfare officer
A psychologist
Support workers
Dwp employees
They have contacts within hospitals
Housing offices
Basically every aspect of family life is covered.
Every thing that you need help with is covered.

Last week I met the team leader and today I met our designated worker.
Tomorrow I’m meeting her again to get started.

The team leader told me that they are 100 % dedicated to changing things for you.
He said the work they do is intensive and full on and they want you ( me) to put in 100% in return for them putting in 100 % ,

They already have plans for their psychologist to work with Oliver.
I can’t wait to get started working with them.
For the first time EVER I feel like help is on the way.
I have faith in the family recovery team !

It’s been a long time coming but I believe things are really going to get better for us.


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