Ten months.


Ten months. I’ve been blogging for ten months now.
I started mostly out of curiosity , I wanted to see what it was all about.
Try something new.
See if I could do it.

Over the ten months I’ve have had blogging highs and blogging lows.

One of my biggest highs was having posts featured on the mumsnet front page and ” autism today ” in the same week.

Sometimes I love it , mostly I love it , but sometimes I feel a bit meh! Towards it.

I’ve stopped caring about charts even though I was doing well. It was pressure and I only blog for an escape , not more pressure.

Looking back over my posts I can see for sure that my writing has got better and more confident.
But my grammar is terrible. So my 15 year old yells me :-/
I’m still not a planner.
I usually write posts in bed on my phone. I’ve often written them on the bus. And I never plan or know what to write. I know what I want to write about but I let the post come out of my head naturally.

I’m not sure how well that works but people are reading so it can’t too bad.

I have regular readers aswell as comments from regular people too.
Which makes me really proud.

And people say such lovely things , lovely comments about the blog.
many times now I’ve been thanked for writing a post.

It’s amazing when that happens.

I’ve also got so much advice through my blog

Sometimes I worry about what I write about but I think that’s the niche I’ve fallen into. And I’m happy here.

I always worry that my posts are not intellectual enough and I’ve come to realise I’m not a funny person.

But I am honest , and genuine.
What I write is totally me and what I feel from my heart.

Through blogging I’ve become more confident and I’ve found a place where I can have a voice about autism.

One of my blogging lows is that my linky thing ” roll up roll up show us your blog” hasn’t taken off.

I know some people are cynical about Linkys , do they just get more stats for the host ? but I genuinely did it to find and share new blogs.
I love to share other people’s blogs. I love retweeting good posts.
I just don’t know the how’s and whys of making a linky work.

I will be sticking around in the world of blog for a while yet and hopefully make my writing better and become even more confident.

THANKYOU if you are a new reader or if you’ve been reading from the start.

Every view and every comment is appreciated. I am genuinely so excited to get comments or likes.

Blogs don’t really work without readers , so thanks again readers for sticking around.



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  1. Hi! Once again, a big THANK YOU for your blog. I don’t send many comments but I assure you I’m a regular reader and so are some of my friends here in France (well, those who can read English). Please carry on writing and telling us about Ollie, yourself and your family! xxx

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