Autism friendly screenings and cinema misadventures


At cineworld they do autism friendly screenings on the first Sunday of every month.
They keep the lights on
Have the volume lower
Allow you to bring your own food in
And there are no adverts or trailers.

I’ve wanted to take Ollie for a while.
We enjoy watching movies together but it usually doesn’t go well at the cinema.

The trailers and adverts make the whole thing just too long for Ollie , and it’s too loud for him. He ends up agitated and asking to go home all through the movie.

There are also usually too many people for him to cope with.

Me and the kids usually smuggle some sweets and drinks in ( sorry cineworld , but who doesn’t )
Ollie hates it , he’s terrified of getting caught and he walks in looking like he’s about to plead guilty to a terrible crime.
I know they actually allow you to bring your own food in because many people with autism have food issues, but it’s nice for Ollie to know we won’t get busted for illegal possession of coke and maltesers from pound land.

I did think I’d have to cancel our plans to go today as Ollie has been so poorly but he was keen and I thought it might perk him up a bit.

When we were stuck in traffic on a bus , running very late with a very weak grumpy boy this morning it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

We had to do a bit of a fast walk through the shopping centre to get to the cinema which didn’t go down well with Ollie so he cried all the way there , we didn’t get time to run into pound land for goodies and we ended up about 7 minutes late so we didn’t even get to experience the joy of no ads or trailers. I know what you’re thinking , such fun !

Luckily for me we did get ” our seats” I’m very pedantic about where I sit in the cinema and if I don’t get ” my seats” I will sulk for the whole movie.

We did however really enjoy the movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
We ended up selling a kidney to pay cineworld prices for some snacks but Ollie didn’t ask to go home at all which never happens .
I was really surprised to see that there was only one other family there. Maybe these screenings aren’t publicised enough ??

One of the characters in the movie is a giant burger , everytime it was on screen ollie said he really wanted a burger and please please could we go to McDonald’s after.

The whole thing didn’t quite turn out to be the happy family morning out that I imagined , we’re just never going to be that family.
But that was down to my bad time planning and taking a poorly 8 year old.

I will definitely be taking Ollie to the autism friendly screenings again and I would definitely recommend them.

After the movie we went to McDonald’s and got Ollie the burger he had been so excited about , he opened it , looked at it , cried ( not with joy , but because I expected him to eat something ) and we went home.

the joys of autism.

Concentrating on the movie



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