Sibling rivalry


If you read my blog , or twitter , you will know I have 7 offspring. In ages varying from 20 down to 8.

I think they are quite luckily. I always wanted more than just my one sibling.

They have 6 people each that they have known , warts and all from day one.

But they really just don’t get on.

They are all VERY DIFFERENT people , with very different interests and personalities.

But they are siblings. why can’t they embrace eachother and get along.

There’s never any need to feel alone with 6 siblings ( is there)
In theory you always have people on your side
And people who know you well enough to tell it straight.

But when do they start to get along ?

My younger ones bicker constantly , it’s a never ending contest of who had more , better, the longest , who had it first ….. With the older ones it’s just a huge clash of hormones. ALL THE TIME.
The older and younger ones just annoy each other.
My 15 year old girl has taken ollie under her wing , to be fair , but on her terms when she can be bothered.

I’m not saying they don’t care about eachother. I dare say they even love eachother. If one of them is injured or poorly they care.
They sometimes even stick up for eachother against me ( yeah because that’s when I want to see sibling solidarity)

But they all just don’t like each other enough.

I’d like to think that when I’m gone they will have a big sibling network of love and support.

Will it happen ?
Can it happen ?

When will they all start to like eachother ?


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