Autism doesn’t have Ollie.


Ollie’s tics are getting worse. In particular the spitting one.
I found this tic hard at the beginning because let’s face it nobody wants to see their child spitting all over the place. My natural reaction was to tell him to stop.
But he can’t.
He wants to but he can’t.

He now has a small plastic bowl that he takes around the house with him and most of the time he gets it in the bowl.

But it’s frustrating for him , spitting all the time.

He said to me in bed tonight that he wishes he could tell his brain to not have autism and tics anymore because it’s hard.

It’s heart breaking.

But I can’t / won’t sugar coat it for him.
He will always have autism
It’s part of him
It’s part of Ollie
But it’s not all of him.
He is still Ollie , my funny , curious , bright , loveable boy.
He just happens to also have autism. And tics.

I didn’t tell him that it will all be ok , I told him that he will always have autism and tics but that we love him anyway. That people love him anyway.

I told him that he doesn’t need to worry about the tics because people that love him don’t care.

I told him that we can learn ways to cope and to help him.

I told him that sometimes things happen and you have to choose if you let that thing become a terrible thing or not.
We can choose not to let autism be a terrible thing.
And I will always be there showing him that it doesn’t have to be a terrible thing.

He said that he’s lucky because he won’t die from autism, and some children have things they die from.
And he’s right.
He won’t die from it.
And his life can be wonderful.

Yes it will sometimes be scary and difficult and exhausting.

And yes he will see things differently and there will be people that see him differently ,

But we can choose to see the good things.
He’s especially proud of what he calls his * autism memory*
That boy has never forgotten a single thing in his life.
And he’s a whizz at his memory card game 😃

Ollie has autism but autism doesn’t have Ollie.


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  1. Just read this via twitter (and hurrahforgin). This is so well written, and beautifully explains the truth in the best way possible. The cleverest child I ever met had Aspergers. I volunteered and supported him for two years and he amazed me with how much he knew. Lovely post xxx

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