Crash !


I should be feeling really happy now.
Over the moon probably.
Ollie is deregistered and that’s a huge chunk of stress gone , evaporated , magicked away.
But actually I’ve spiralled down into a well of the blues.
I’m sleeping better since ollie finished school and yes I feel a big weight has lifted but I’m just feeling so sad and * not quite right*

I have no doubt atall that I’ve made the right decision , I KNOW I have but I just can’t shake the blues.

There is some un -ollie related stuff on my mind right now …. But still I feel like I should be happier.

A twitter friend of mine described this as a * mini emotion crash *
I think she hit the nail on the head

I’ve been through a lot , and I think maybe sometimes the full force of the stress and emotion doesn’t hit you until after the situation , perhaps natures way of getting us through difficult things.
I’m sure the full force of the stress , at the time , would have brought me to my knees .

So there it is ……. I’m feeling all wrong and I’m feeling wrong for feeling all wrong.

this too shall pass


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  1. Hi! Please don’t feel all wrong for feeling all wrong! After all you’ve been through, just allow yourself to be vulnerable and sad. Don’t think too much of who put you down, but try to manifest positive outcomes with people who are going to help you up in the days and months to come. God bless you. xxx

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