Last day


Today was Ollie’s last day at school.
And I have to say the school really did make it a lovely last day.
We took thank you cards and chocolates in for the head teacher and the learning support mentor because I really do believe they tried their best with the resources they had.
Ollie had his final session at place to be , he painted a lovely picture of me , while he was at his session I met with a lady from the autism advisory service. I think they are going to be very helpful and useful to us.
After the session me and Ollie watched the assembly. He hasn’t managed an assembly for months and today it was an assembly by the LSM so I thought it would be really nice for us to enjoy an assembly together.
Then me and Ollie had a play on the computers while his class did PE.
When they were finished we went to his classroom as they wanted to say goodbye properly.
The teacher talked about the first time he met Ollie and said what a lovely boy he is , and he told the class that he believes Ollie is now going to be taught by the best teacher ever. ME * blushes*
The kids sat in a big circle with ollie and the teacher said that anybody that wanted to say something special to Ollie could have a turn.
All the kids did.
I got a bit choked up listening to them telling him how much they like him and how he always makes them laugh and helps them.
His best friends said THANKYOU to him for coming to their school , there were lots of little lips quivering.

Then the class teacher said they could have 15 minutes to spend time with Ollie. Some of them spent the time drawing pictures for Ollie . The teacher gave them a camera to use and said they could take lots of photos of them all with Ollie. .
They took lots and lots and lots.
Ollie did so well coping with it all.

Then they gave ollie his goodbye card.
His teacher had spent ages making it. The kids in his class had written lovely lovely messages and the staff that have worked with him also wrote lovely messages.
We said an emotional goodbye and they were really pleased to hear that we will visit and we will be coming to the Christmas fair.
On the way out we had a lovely hug with the head teacher.
It really was a perfect last day.
I don’t have any bad feeling towards the school , despite everything I know they did their best. They simply are given the resources to cope with children like Ollie.
It was clear to me and Ollie that he is very loved at that school.
It was a really emotional morning ……

And now we begin a new chapter ๐Ÿ˜ƒ






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  1. Bless him, sounds like he is going to be missed lots by his class mates. Such a shame that the school couldn’t do more for him and you. What a lovely card though, something O can keep forever =] good luck on your new journey! I know you’re going to be a fantastic teacher to him xxx

  2. Hi! What a lovely post about Ollie’s last day at school. Lovely painting and nice messages you got. I am truly moved by your courage and by your faith in a better tomorrow. Once again, I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing your experience with your son. You will help many people in your country and abroad. xxx

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