I’m not entirely sure I’m qualified to have grand opinions on blogging , I’m only into my tenth month as a blogger , I still can’t add a badge without help and I still can’t embed a link into a sentence heck I’m not even sure that’s what it’s called, my blog is growing every month but it’s not exactly a high flyer


I’m proud of it though and I only really check my stats for my own reference so I know if anybody is actually still reading.
Or if I’ve tried something new I look to gauge interest.

All that said , I do have thoughts and opinions on blogging and as it’s my blog I’m going to share them …..

Today the tots100 rankings were published , this is the 4 month that I’ve been registered with them. The previous three months I went up in the charts really well but this month I went down , not terribly , but down to 551 in the chart.
I won’t lie I was really upset ….. For about five minutes ….. And then I had a word with myself , I didn’t start blogging to be in a competition , I don’t blog because I want reviews or sponsored posts , as I’ve said before I don’t think they would fit in with my blog , I also don’t fully understand how the scores are worked out , I don’t do klout or Kred because I dont understand them and I haven’t got time to being giving klout to people all day long.
My blog gets more hits , more comments and more * likes* every month so what am I upset about.

I think maybe it’s too easy to fall into the trap of needing to be higher in a chart , writing for rankings.

I’ve read quite a few blogs that are * high flyers* they apparently gets thousands of hits and high rankings but actually they just aren’t very good.
They are full of reviews , sometimes not even a coherent range of reviews , seemingly just whatever comes their way , with a few posts in the original theme of the blog dotted in between.
Sponsored posts that just aren’t relevant to that blog and then all the competitions.
Sometimes I wonder if people comment on and like these blogs simply to get themselves noticed on a bigger platform.

I also read quite a lot of blogs that aren’t high flyers , aren’t ranked high or aren’t even registered on ranking sites and I really enjoy most of them.
They are written from the heart , they usually stick to a theme , even if just loosely and the personality of the blogger shines through.
They don’t do reviews like there’s no tomorrow , sometimes a review in keeping with the blog but my point is these blogs feel genuine , fresh and honest.

These are the ones I keep going back to.

This isn’t always the way, a few of my favourite blogs are very very popular ones but they are always true to the essence of the blog, and it’s very apparent that the posts are written for the readers not for the rankings.

For some people blogging is more than a hobby , it’s a way to get a foot up into journalism , writing, beauty etc ,
I think there’s a difference with these blogs though because if you read, for example , beauty blogs you more or less expect reviews , ads , sponsored posts etc.

For some people blogging is a way of making a little extra money. As your blog grows the opportunities to make a bit of money here and there also grow , I have no business judging and actually I take my hat off to anyone who uses an opportunity to make some cash with their blog , I imagine charts and rankings are important in this case , but I do wonder if sometimes people compromise the actual essence of their blog when say for example they’ve been blogging about family and recipes and then start having posts with links to gambling websites or something equally as irrelevant to the blog.

I blog for me , my hobby I guess , I don’t imagine that what I blog about appeals to everyone , sometimes I’m surprised it appeals to anyone, but I have regular readers and I get lovely comments.
For me that is good enough.
I don’t need any more validation than that.

I’m going to stop looking at the rankings and stick to doing what I’ve been doing , blogging from my heart , for me and for the people that like to read my blog.

Blogging is such a diverse thing that there really is room for all of us.
The good blogs will naturally grow and find their own way in the blogging world.


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  1. Stats are very important to gain knowledge about your readers and what makes them tick. Also their great for working out when they’re online, how they access your blog and whether what you write is floating their boat.

    Embedding links into texts is called hyperlinking and you do it by highlighting the text and clicking the paperclip shaped icon in the toolbar. Then just paste your link into the box marked ‘URL’.

    Happy to help, we do it all day!

  2. If i went on stats and tots ranking i would of given up a long time ago! I just blog because i like to write my thoughts down, sometimes its abit like free therapy. It makes me smile loads when someone comments on a post and thats what keeps me going, the happiness i get from it not how i rate against over people. I love your blog bytheway, always from the heart =] x

  3. Great post, I’m also new to blogging and have felt the same way when I’ve look to high flyers for inspiration. I was like ‘what? How? Why?’ Is this blog so popular??? I guess some people know how to work the system. I don’t, but not sure I’d want to if I did. Keep doing what you’re doing. X

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