School’s out πŸ˜ƒ


I’ve done it.
I had a meeting with the head this morning.
She was actually very understanding and she had been on the phone speaking to education welfare just before our meeting.

She understood my reasons for deregistering O and said she will support my decision.

Education welfare want me to phone them to arrange a home visit to make sure I get the support I need.
And we are going to meet someone from the family recovery service next week. Which is the highest up department providing help and support that there is.
O will still get his statement so I will be able to put him into an appropriate educational setting if and when I want to and if I want O can have a number of hours of hospital home tutoring a week.
We’ve decided that Tuesday next week will actually be his last day so that he can have his final goodbye session at Place2be and because his class want to make him a leaving card.
I think it will be nice for him to wrap up his time at school with a proper goodbye.
O is a happy boy this morning.
He is excited about being at home with me and learning again.
He can’t wait to start choosing topics to learn about.
He’s already talking about going to an art gallery , the war museum and the natural history museum.
I can see a weight has been lifted from him.
And me too.

I will admit this is all a little scary just because we are entering into the unknown but I’m excited and looking forward to starting.

O will have some time to deschool and relax before we embark on ” learning”

I feel completely sure that I’ve made the right choice for O and I can’t wait to start a new chapter with him.

I will be blogging about all this , deschooling , unschooling , home schooling but I will do so on my new blog the unschooling of ollie which you can find here.

Thank you for reading x


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  1. Hi, it’s Isabelle from France. Still reading your blog late at night (it’s 22:25 pm here). I’m so glad you and the head managed to find the right solution for O. You have all my admiration for the courage and love you show. God bless you.

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