Meal planning and silver linings


I blogged a few days ago about how I can’t get any money out of the bank for ten days ( my card was cloned) so it looked like this week was going to be a struggle.
Luckily my eldest was able to help me out a little but I wasn’t going to be able to do a proper grocery shop.
Which has made me have a big think about the way I shop.
I try to meal plan …. And when I do I do it well.
It really is the way to go it saves money and makes things easier.
but when things get busy I fall off the meal planning wagon , this has happened a lot lately.
What happens then is that every week when I do the online order I just automatically order the same things week after week.
I get sucked in by offers that I don’t really need and I waste money. money that I can’t afford to waste.
Yesterday before I ordered the shopping ( which my eldest is helping me with) I told the kids we will have to eat what we have this week.
I emptied both of the freezers and the cupboards on to the table.
Got a notepad and wrote down what we had.
It turned out that with just a small shop including milk ,bread ,fruit , beans and potatoes we have plenty of food to eat well for a week.
Including meat , fish , vegetables , rice , pasta and veggie food.
We even have 7 boxes of cereal , because I buy cereal that’s on special offer only to find that it’s not flavour of the month anymore. So I buy more.
Well this week they can eat what we have.
I would have ordered more cereal and I would have ordered food that we didn’t in fact need just because I hadn’t taken the time to look at what we had.
Rather than the usual £130 that I would have spent on this weeks shopping I’ve only spent £60 and none of us will go hungry.
I’m going to make the time every week to sit down and plan meals properly. First taking into account what we already have.
I’m not going to buy special offer things just because they are on offer and the kids will have to learn to finish what we have before expecting another flavour / type / brand , putting a little more thought into the weeks shopping will save me a lot of money.

And although I am still fuming about my card being cloned , looking on the bright side it’s saved me around £70 this week , made me think about our grocery shopping and also made me think about how I spent money here and there throughout the week. Because this week I just don’t have access to money !

Sometimes it’s possible to find a bright side.


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