3 strikes and you’re out


So today went really well.

O went to PRU this morning , he was already angry about going but he got in the car so I thought it would all be fine.

Fifteen minutes later I get a call from PRU telling me they will try to hold onto him for a while but he’s very distressed.
Five minutes later , another call.
He’s being driven home.

strike 1

I spoke to Santander on the phone because they needed to query security issues with my card.
It turns out that my card has been copied by a reader in a cashpoint , ( somehow they know this because they have information)
Someone has attempted to make hundreds of pounds of payments over the phone this week using my card.
Multiple times.
The bank stopped the payments because they were flagged up as suspicious so only Β£50 stolen thank God which I should get back.
But I can’t use my card I have to wait ten days for a new one.
I could have gone into my bank to withdraw over the counter if I had a birth certificate ( I don’t it’s a very long story why ) I also don’t have a passport or driving licence. Thanks thieving ba**ard type person it’s not like I need to get to my money to feed my family or anything.

strike 2

After the bank phoned my eldest lent me some cash to go into town for milk and bread , just after I left the heavens opened , thunder and lightening … I didn’t have an umbrella because I left one on a bus and one at school.
I made it almost home only semi drowned , as I got off the bus another bus drove past , through a big puddle and splashed me with a wave bigger than myself. drenched!!

strike three !

You could say today was a complete washout.


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  1. Wow not the best day, and one not to be repeated soon (or ever). Thieving ****holes make me mad – losing brollies is standard for mums -but thumbs up for knightly son for coming to mum’s rescue (despite the downpour).
    I hope you rewarded yourself with a little something nice πŸ˜‰

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