The Chilli …. That wasn’t !


The kids have been asking for chilli and rice for dinner for ages so on Sunday I ordered what I needed for it in the weekly shop.
Or I thought I did.

First on Monday when I was going to make it I realised I hadn’t bought Doritos. The kids like to eat Doritos with it , and why not !

On Tuesday I remembered the Doritos. Ready to make the meal on Wednesday.

On Wednesday I realised tesco had given me medium hot uncle bens chilli con carne sauce rather than mild.
yes I cheat with a jar of sauce , don’t judge me The kids find that one too spicy so I popped to asda to buy a mild one.
Somehow I forgot the sauce and bought a book and four pints of milk instead .
I decided to use the medium sauce and just hope the kids wouldn’t notice.

Then Milo the kitten for the first time figured out how to jump up to the sink ( he likes the dripping tap ) I had washed the microwave plate and the ring it goes on just before , obviously he knocked the ring off the draining board and behind the cooker.
The cooker is just too heavy and too much of a tight squeeze for me to pull out.
In a moment of stupidity I thought the plate wouldn’t go round without the ring ,I usually use microwave rice, so I went out again to buy normal boil in a saucepan rice.

oh how I laughed later on when I realised the plate does still go round.

Anyway so it was almost dinner time , the kids would soon be home hungry , I tipped the sauce into the blender I have the worlds fussiest kids who won’t eat lumpy sauce not a huge problem I just whizz it up in the blender.
Except the blender wouldn’t turn on !!
It’s only a couple of months old , I tried it in every plug socket. Dead !!

I was getting a bit fed up of it by now I was about to chuck the sauce out when the 12 year old came in from school and said she would try it not blended and that the others probably would too as they really had been looking forward to chilli and rice.

Hallelujah !!!

I went to the fridge to get the quorn mince I thought id ordered in the Sunday shopping.
It wasn’t there.
I checked the other fridge , not there.
A-ha thought I , I obviously ordered a frozen packet , I’ll just get it out of the freezer.
Not there.
Not in the other freezer either.

The sauce went in the bin , I cooked turkey dinosaurs and chips instead , the kids weren’t impressed ….. But I let them eat the Doritos while it cooked.

The chilli was obviously not meant to be :-/


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